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Damn the torpedoes.

This is launch day, or, as I called it on the “old” blogless site, “Day 1 of my Blogfullness”. The blog, this blog, has all the standard features of a truly blogfull blog. At least half of which I don’t understand. Just so you know.

If you want immediate notification of an entry, The Brunette recommended signing up for it in the comment section. The thing I love about that feature is: If I post an error then immediately edit it, you will get the version with the error. The programmer said immediate, and he means it, fool. So I ain’t fixin’ nuthin’. Easier for me, and it’ll all match yesterday’s delirious entry in which I wrote “ruble” rather than “rubble” — repeatedly. Nice.

Thus, I have begun as I intend to continue.

Inn eh state of ember-ass-mint at: pam(at)viewfromthenorth40(dot)com


This entry is just for The Brunette who was nice enough to come play at the test blog to see if my comments and “subscribe to feed” work properly for her. Tomorrow we’re going to the playground to skip rope and swing on the monkey bars. I think we should also take a spin on the merry-go-round to see who upchucks first.

Bet it won’t be me, me, me at:

Xena at sunset

Xena at sunset

It’s picture day at school. Let’s see how this posts …

Right after I make this paragraph.

See Pam bold.

See Pam make a new paragraph in italics

  1. See Pam
  2. make a
  3. list

See Pam quote herself.

See Pam change the justification.

See Pam strike through the words like she’s telling herself to have mercy on people and shut up.

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