Oh sure, it’s easy to love the cute ones, but the creatures of this world can’t all be whiskery faced bun-buns of the cottontail variety spreading their fluffy-butted cuteness to all corners of this junky realm.

Creep is as creepy does, and she's just hanging there, feeling misunderstood.

Some of them are eight-legged banded garden spiders, aka Argiope trifasciata, whose very large creepiness of existence compels you to take a bunch of photos. Even if you have to put your hand right down there next to the spider trusting that it wasn’t imported from some South American rain forest where it’s been killing humans and sucking the last drop of moisture from said human victims since time immemorial.

And this particular beauty was hanging around the house. When I went out to evict her from the premises, it caught a grasshopper and wrapped it in a web, snug as a takeout taco in a paper wrapper.

So, of course, I had to get more pictures. This kind of creepy doesn’t come along every day, y’know.

Grasshopper, it's what's for dinner.

And then I couldn’t move it to the barn because it’d just caught and prepared supper — not that I’m going to have any of it, mind you, because, well, ew, it has no way to barbecue it or fry it or anything and I’ve seen the worms that come from those hoppers. I want nothing to do with it.

I just think that the thing is preggers, hence the exceedingly large and stretched to the hilt belly, and it’ll probably need the nourishment for the cold temps tonight. So I’ll move it in the morning.

And spend the entire night hoping that it doesn’t lay a ginormous egg sack full of creepy spiders to be.

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