Just thought I’d throw that out there.

I am, apparently, having flashback week in my head. It started with the product name Super Elastic Bubble Plastic just popping into my brain while I was cooking supper one night. We were such silly, stupid children trying to blow those enormous plastic bubbles, when we should’ve just spent our days huffing this stuff. The things they gave children for toys in those carefree days of innocence.

The Super Elastic Bubble Plastic ingredients list led me to think of another childhood favorite now deemed too dangerous for youth to be mucking around with: lawn darts. Outlawing lawn darts? What do the kids play chicken with these days? Seriously, if you don’t have lawn darts to throw at your brother it can lead to some repressed anger issues.

Now, I’m channeling America, the band, making for the perfect soundtrack for ’70s flashbacks, right?

I was showering the night before last and broke into this lyric: “Ooooh, Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man/that he didn’t, didn’t already have.” I literally stopped scrubbing long enough to ask myself, out loud, “What the hell?” shrugged and continued on with: “And cause never was a reason for believing in the Tropic of Sir Galahad,” which of course, is all wrong, but cut me some slack, I was like 9 when the album was released and listening to it on the AM station in our old Chevy Suburban or on a hand held transistor radio.

Besides, those boys obviously were sniffing Super Elastic Bubble Plastic when they came up with lyrics. What does “Smoke glass stain bright color/Image going down, down, down, down/Soapsuds green like bubbles” really mean? Especially to a 9-year-old too naive to huff the chemical goo her parents gave her?

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