Gone for the weekend.

Miss me? Totally thought I’d have Internet connection while I was away, but no. It was like being in a black hole in which all things technologically oriented are sucked up and obliterated. Kind of like my house, before the magical wi-fi tower came to life. Though, that wasn’t making much magic today either. Or rather, it might’ve been, but that was prior to the electrical storm that shorted out the Internet antennas and the phones, and tried to gift exchange them with a grassland fire started by a lightning strike about a mile from the house. Luckily, a backdraft blew out the fire before it could get to raging.

OK, I say “luckily,” but I really mean “sadly” because without a wildfire threatening homes and lives, I got nothin’

Even though it was a very exciting and rush-filled first morning back, I just deleted a giant entry about it because, well, typed out on the screen, the morning didn’t seem filled so much with funny, or even anything one might consider mildly interesting. Stupid backdraft.

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