that I get hurt in the oddest ways.

I was halter breaking a miniature horse tonight, and the tip of my right, upper, frontal girl part got pinched to begeezes, caught between the hard bony back of my hand and the coils of the halter rope held tightly in my fist when the mini locked up all fours, then backed up. Unfortunately, that’s not the whole story.

After she got my ill-treated, not-covered-by-a protective/lifting-device girl partlette wedged into that pinch-hold and she secured it with a few backward hops, she whirled away in a sort of rearing/lungeing action that, I believe shredded the nerve endings in the affected frontal area.

“Ow!” I said and went on with the business of training. Then “OW!” fully expecting to shake off the pain as I kept working the little horse. Then “Ow, dammit.” And then “Son-of-a-OW!” At which point I dropped any pretense of training, and yanked up my T-shirt so I could survey the damage. I fully expected to see a raw, skinless nip, or at the very least a red and raspberried one. I was disappointed by its lack of dramatic visual characteristics.

It looked normal. It didn’t even have the T-shirt’s weave dented into it. Not so much as even one, tiny, blood-blistery thing. Nothing to indicate that it hurt like a mother in the way that any over-torqued nerve set would.

As another spasm of pain struck, I grabbed the injured party and glared at the mini, “You killed my whole boob!” I told her. But perhaps that was an over-exaggeration.

On the other hand, I saw both of my upper frontal girl parts in the mirror as I was exiting the shower tonight, and I realized that my numb, right frontal part is hanging lower than it was yesterday. The tip is now on the same level as the left one. I lost a full half-inch of right-side perkiness. The last time I had a measurable, mass exodus of perkiness like that was when I lost a full inch on both sides during the mammography process five years ago.

I’m hoping it’s just dislocated.

And it’ll pop back into place soon at pam[at]