If you ever find yourself making chiles rellenos in the comfort of your own home kitchen and you decide to roast your poblano chiles over the open flame of your gas stove burner (because searing the skins in a pan like the recipe says didn’t work last time), remember that stems do not contain as much moisture as the pepper itself.

The stems will catch fire. But that’s not the problem.

One can assume, the top of a gas stove is made to withstand open flames, whether from a gas-powered burner or a burning chile stem. However (and this is the heart of the matter) remember that as you turn to place the pepper on a plate, the still-burning ember of a stem can fall to the floor. It is glowing red, therefore it is hot.

If you ever foresee yourself preparing a poblano chile in some fashion, such as described above, that will produce a red hot ember, that you will drop on the floor, remember that it is a good safety practice to be wearing shoes when doing so. Bare feet are sensitive to heat, notably, heat in the form of an ember.

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