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Where the hell are ya? I’m waiting, I’m waiting, I’m waiting.

Temp was minus 8 F this morning. As in 8 degrees below ZERO, which is a whole 40 degrees below freezing, and we’re starting the second week in March! I can’t even see you on the horizon beyond a reading like that.

I don’t know how you can be lost for crying in a bucket. It’s the mountain-dotted prairie. Climb to a point and look out. See me up here by the border with Canada, eh? The chick in blonde hair and blue lips signally for a little relief from winter.

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and forget to start again?

I’ve just been pondering on the many ways in which February sucks in profoundly sucky ways. It did, in fact, suck so badly it’s contaminating March. Cold and snow and wind today, and tomorrow and the next day. Oh, but the next day we have cold and wind and then snow.

And then a tornado touches down in the Midwest.

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