White-tail yearling

After weeks of cold and overcast, yesterday was nice. Bambi and Thumper stopped by to raid the haystack. The clouds cleared off shortly after these photos were taken, then we had blue sky, sunshine and mid-30s temperatures. I spent a lot of time outside, like a sun junky. I even jumped on Jilly bareback and rode for a while. Go figure.

Cottontail marauder

Lest I get too spoiled by such bounty from Mother Nature: This morning, we’re overcast and the wind is howling down the coulee at about 30 mph with gusts to 40 mph. It started last night just before bedtime, just so I couldn’t sleep.

Yes, wind is deliberately that evil. It planned ahead for this. It stormed its way east across the ocean and over the Rockies and thundered down the Rocky Mountain front, timing its approach with Swiss time-piece precision to attack my house at dusk.

It’s true.

On the plus side, now I don’t feel so bad about having to stay inside to do laundry and muck out the single-wide manor.

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