as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly … homeless and moving into my haystacks and under my house.

No, not the evil mouse lords. Bunnies.

We talked to the local steel recyclers about coming out to clean up the last surviving remnants of junkyards past and they said, “Sure, we’ll be out next week.” In the dead dread cold days of winter. Hey, more power to ’em.

The thing is, though, cottontail bunnies dig holes for homes, but they totally love living with a roof over their heads, or rather, their home’s head. As the guys pull up junk, the bunny habitat disappears. Dazed and confoozed, they have wandered their way to our home to eat of our hay bales and hide in the barn and under the house. Yes, under the house.

Sadly, their habitat will continue to shrink for many days to come. It is the dark end of their golden bunny era here at the White Trash Estate. On an up note, the fox, coyotes and owls will be doing quite nicely for a few months. And, I might need to make some bunny stew … if I can get past the fleas.

Yeah, remember there’s that.

Bunnies aren’t all cute and fuzzy at: pam[at]