Do you ever wonder about how all the many facets of our characteristics define our interests? And if there’s a point at which our interests begin to define us? And if the Universe at some point is joining in to guide our destiny? I think it happens.

Here’s an illustration of my point: I’m physically strong, I was raised outdoors and with animals, I’m introverted, but I really enjoy the bonds I develop with a few special friends, I like figuring out puzzles, matters of trust and responsibility are serious business to me, and I have a rich, dreamy love of the fantastic. This is a portion of my mix of characteristics.

For me, this all foretells a hopeless addiction to horses. It’s a physical activity, outdoors, with animals. I can ride alone with my horse with whom I like developing a bond and figuring out how to train and with my horse-loving friends, and the training process is all about developing a trust between human and horse. Most importantly in this example, horses seem to me to be the most fantastical creature on earth. I loves them. All things considered, they are my precious.

In other words, my characteristics helped define my interest in horses.

But my interests helped define me. Through horses, I learned that I like to teach. I don’t think I had a particular aptitude for it before learning to train horses and then riders, to be honest. Training a horse, a dog, a riding student, a writing student, not much difference in them.

I discovered this hidden talent — or at least an interest — because of the horses, but really if you go back to that first list of my characteristics I have to admit that I might not be much of an outdoors person if it weren’t for the horses. I’m lazy so wouldn’t be hiking, or doing other sports (which I’m not all that interested in anyway). I don’t particularly like fishing, definitely don’t like killing so hunting would be out. I do like to read so would probably be spending more time indoors doing that, which I would be doing had I lived in town (because I didn’t have to live in the country for my horses). And if I lived in town, maybe I would like to go camping more to get out into the country, and maybe I would’ve spent more time early on writing for the public if I hadn’t been galloping around … and fixing fences … and doing other fun horsey stuff. Endless are the ways in which I and my life would be different without horses.

But maybe I was destined to have horses in my life. Was it cosmic influence to bring horses and me together that brought John and I together? Because I didn’t know until months after I met him, after our first date even, that he’d grown up riding horses and that he even had the means to take me riding. Of all the guys I could’ve gotten together with, why someone with horses, which were my first love from when I was 4?

Now you can kind of see what I mean, right. What about us defines our interests? What about our interests defines us? How is it that these things tie in with the energy that guides our lives?

Deep stuff for a Monday morning, I know. Hang on though, because this series of questions came about as an opening to this question, the big question, the thing I’m really burning to know: If I weren’t so attuned to irony, would my life be easier?

My personality and circumstances of my life definitely draw me toward the humorous and non-humorous elements of irony. This in turn became internalized (and is often expressed through sarcasm, irony’s conjoined twin), and became part of who I am, how I define myself and how people identify me.

The most important part of this theory, though, is this: How is it that irony ties in with the energy that feeds my life? Because I’m thinking that the Universe focuses a considerable amount of its irony vibes directly at me. Like I’m a lightning rod for ironic occurrences.

I’m just saying because, y’know, I told you in a post last week about finding two things: the picture of K-Pam in my email and my long-lost glasses which were in my coat pocket. I was all excited and totally ready to go buy a lottery ticket based on these random, happy turns of events, but now …

I have lost two things: one of my favorite winter riding gloves and a gigantic filling that I’ve had for more than 30 years out of one my favorite molars that I’ve had for just a little bit longer.

I am both finder keeper and loser weeper all in one week. What the hell is that all about?

Yeah, that’s really funny, Universe. You crack me up. No really, I’m cracked. Thanks.

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