Random view: September sunrise

We’ve had some spectacular sunrises and sunsets this month and you simply must see them before September is gone gone gone, so I’m sharing one of each with you all. I’m just that generous.

Random View: September sunset

The recent visit to see the toddler namesake, must’ve put some vibe into the air because I was tripping around the Interweb last night and found this kick-ass video of John’s and my son from some parallel universe.

I was about 10 seconds into the video of this painfully excited kid waiting for the start of his motorbike race when I realized that the boy was us. I had to pause the video to call John into the office so we could share this touching, and personal, moment together. Our poor awesome little son is waiting on the start line revving his bike’s engine while something like one gazillion other kids line up — he canNOT sit still. And I’ll bet that under that full helmet his mouth is running on the red line. He is our child after all.

I love how he keeps waving at the camera. And check out how he takes charge of the field when the start gates drop. That’s all John-genes. If he’d taken after me he would’ve killed the engine and endoed himself or, at the very least, run over three other kids.

I think I’ll just adopt this little guy for Christmas at: pam(at)viewfromthenorth40.com