Faster than a speeding tortoise, more powerful than mere deodorant and able to leap to an inappropriate conclusion in a single bound, I am the defender of truth, justice and the white trash way and by Grabthar’s hammer, by the suns of Warvan, I shall be avenged.

Yeah, so I sent an email to the University of Denver Magazine about that little citation issue. I tried to add a touch of glibness to the note, y’know, ’cause I knew they’d be all upset because no matter how I said it I was basically making them guilty by association of plagiarism by printing that article that lacked a citation. The editor didn’t bite on the humor bait.

She was professional, thus I looked like a buffoon. Whatever. I’m used to that by now. More important people than her have made me look like a bigger idiot than this, so I’m totally over her.

Oh, so anyway, they re-vamped the article with the citation to the “Montana Horseman’s Journal.” Now we’re all kosher, square and super freaky. Well, maybe not kosher — me being of the gentile persuasion and all, that term is rendered irrelevant.

Square and freaky, I’m good with though at: pam(at)