Let’s skip the blah blah blah and the “danger, Will Robinson, danger” of the day because it all, and by “all” I mean almost everything, panned out in the end. That’s the important thing to take away from today. That and the safety message of the title.

The wi-fi is up and running again for the neighborhood. The valve stem on the car tire is fixed. The horses were returned to the back pasture before causing mayhem and getting loose on the highway. The fencing crew for the highway construction company understood that NO it was not OK to install a gate across our approach instead of a cattleguard. And despite the fact that we started out 10 minutes later than we wanted, we had time to fill the car with gas, make two pee stops for John in a little over 100 miles (two!), get lost because of friggin’ Google Maps (again!), clean up Cooper’s upchuck in the back seat and get to the very important funeral of our young friend Josi on time.

Also, my junkman-in-law did not cause any noticeable damages or other crises while out here unaccompanied today, and the fencing crew that did cause damage by driving a fence post through the natural gas main that feeds all of east Havre didn’t actually cause an explosion.

The FYI in the title? According to the gas professionals, if you ever puncture a natural gas line while operating gas- or diesel-powered machinery, turn the engine off immediately. If you don’t, the engine will start feeding off the seeping natural gas and continue running (with the key off) until an explosion occurs. Fencing guys, you’re doing that right, anyway.

And FYI from me to you: If you’re talking to family members of the deceased after a funeral, trying to be a little funny to help lighten your friends’ hearts a bit, don’t start in on a story of the monumentally petty travails you endured to get to the funeral. They’ll laugh, but somewhere in your head, you’ll realize that you sound like a maroon blathering about things that won’t matter in five days, let alone five years, whilst they just buried a daughter/sister/loved one and that’ll hurt forever. Your voice will trickle away into one of those awkward short laughs, and your stupid brain will be rendered incapable saving you from your own social ineptitude. Socially dysfunctional brain, you should’ve turned the engine off sooner.

Peace on you Josi Jean at: pam(at)viewfromthenorth40.com