Have you ever been going along, going along, going along and then just discovered yourself on the Internet?

I don’t mean discover like fulfilling a journey of self-discovery in which you reach the self-actualization pinnacle of Maslow’s needs-hierarchy or some uber-Zen-like state in which you are both focused and open to the universe.

I mean you see your name and your words on some website, appearing on your monitor screen, and you didn’t for Jiminy Cricket even know you were quoted. Or, in this case, your written words were lifted from a published article and quoted as if you were speaking to the author of the second-hand work.

Yeah, that just happened to me. It’s at the very bottom of the section labeled “Horse sense.”

I was trying to find photos of the Moonrock Horse Trials eventing course in Worland, Wyo., where I evented a few times back in the old days when I had the energy to scrape together enough money and get my horse fit and trained to go do such things. I didn’t find pictures of the beautiful course, but I found an article about the course creator Terri Thurman, aka t. Stardust (you’ll just have to read the article for that explanation), and then I found my quote.

A quote that was part of one of my articles which ran in the now defunct “Montana Horseman’s Journal.” I wrote it. (And as a side note: I find it ironic that a university publication has an uncredited quote. Just saying. That wouldn’t have floated in one of my 100-level English classes. And they put it on the World Wide Web.)

To get back to the weirdness: I sound artsy fartsy. Certainly, it’s better than finding a photo of myself. But shocking.

Even more shocking? It took me 30 minutes to remember that not too long after the piece appeared on the Internet, I found it while doing a search for Terri’s artwork. And I felt the same about it then as I do now, plus, I find it frightening to face such stark evidence that I lack all memory faculties of a normal, healthy adult. Hell, I might have blogged about it for all I remember.

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