It totally hates me.

I’ve been having a reasonably crappy couple of months … not as bad as some people’s, for sure, but wearisome with the array of bad luck, random stuff going wrong and negative crapola.

So last night I considered going on a ride then changed my mind and decided I would, instead, not tempt fate, but rather stay at the house and get a few things done. We have company coming and the timespan I had would be perfect to mow a little weed patch and get in the house before mosquitoes came out.

Less than five minutes into the project a strange noise registered in my subconscious, and I looked over my left shoulder to discover that I’d kicked up a rock with the mower and shattered the rear door window out of the car. And when I say shattered out, I mean that there were a few small jagged-tooth looking pieces hanging from the window frame, but the rest was in itty bitty shards on the ground and in the back seat of the car.

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