You ever have one of those months that you just can’t wait to get behind you? As you can see from the new header photo on this last day of the month, it’ll probably be two weeks before July fades away for me.

Woodworking Rule No.1: Always get close to/over your work so you are in a position of strength and can be in control of said work.

Woodworking Rule No. 2: Always wear safety glasses.

Woodworking Rule No. 3: Disregard Rule No. 1 if you neglect Rule No. 2, or you could poke your eye out with a screwdriver bit. Yes, a screwdriver bit.

I had to really reef on the screwdriver bit to pop it out of the clippy thingy in my handy toolkit case (a place for everything and everything in its place, Primitive Pete). I was in the proper position, directly over the case, when the bit released and did so with extreme prejudice wanging me in the eye. A forcefulness of action which I thought was uncalled for. Really. That’s the kind of violent behavior one would expect from a pencil, maybe a knife.

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Note: here’s the photo