A few weeks ago, I thought of the “The Last Samurai” when the young Samurai, Nobutada, tells the Tom Cruise character, “Too many mind … mind the sword, mind the people watch, mind enemy — too many mind.”

I’m simple folk. I can’t think on too many things in my brain at one time. I start doing things like having to shampoo and condition my hair two maybe three times in one showering because I can’t remember if I did it. So literally, maybe I just did each once, but I don’t have a clue what the truth is. I turn on the oven to get the ribs cooked in the morning before the sun heats the house, and I forget to put the ribs in the oven, and it remains thusly until John discovers my blunder. And I do some other thing like those things and forget what it was.

Then I become convinced that I should be very very scared that I have too many mind … and none of them are worth a damn.

Reminds me of the good ol’ days, the stressed out days, the very days that thoughts of which give me hives. I think that in those days I short circuited something important. Maybe it was like an over-mind that linked all the other minds into a cohesive unit, like a computer network server of the brain. Now every once in a while the personal computer minds each get their shit together enough to think their own thought, but it doesn’t get fit into a larger scheme of things because the server brain is fried. Fuh-ried, I tell you. Nearly worthless at this point. Too compound the problem, some of the stand alone mind units are, frankly, a little short on power, memory and storage capacity so those thoughts get a little frazzled around the edges.

Oy, whatever, I put last week’s column on my “Write On” page. I don’t know if it will be in contention for next year’s MNA awards or not — since I added the word naive to it before emailing it to work, but I didn’t proof read that page, so I didn’t remember to double check the spelling. So it went to press as “niave.” So now I’m all Ugh-o-mania.

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