Killdeer nest & eggs

I finally found the killdeer nest by my water trough the other day. And we finally had enough sun yesterday to take a decent picture. Well, there was enough sun, but I got there with the camera before the sun’s rays were fully on the nest, so we have dramatic lighting. ohh ahh.

The good thing there, though, is that it matches the drama of the moment.

Give her a Razzie Award

Mama wasn’t happy with me acting like a stalker around the babies to be so she started in with the “killdee killDEE, look at me. I got me a busted wing and I’m defenseless!” *wink*wink*

And I’m all like, “Dude, I’ve scene that lame ol’ perfomance before. Just mute your shrillness for a moment, I’ll get the pictures and get out of here.”

drama queen

But I couldn’t find the nest because, of course, that’s how they’re designed to survive predators and stalkers, so she started pumping up her performance. I’m about deaf with the “killDEE! killDEE!! I’m mortally wounded — with a reddish, blood-like spot on my back and this thrashing, useless wing. killDEE! You marauder!”

I’m all like, “Seriously, shut your pie hole,” to no avail. Shooting her with a camera didn’t help either. I was eternally grateful when I finally found the nest, not 5 feet from where I had stopped. As I took pictures from a couple different angles to compensate for the bad lighting, I realized the little mama-lama was really thrashing around behind me and getting serious with the shreiking. “KillDEE! KillDEE!! KillDEE human!

murderous intent

So, I looked and around and there she was getting all up in my grill, like she’s going to go all shrike on my ass and impale me to the barbed wire fence to gut me.

I politely backed away from the nest, shooting pictures as I went, but of course, that’s when Cooper noticed all the commotion and came running over to see if he could join in the ass kicking contest.

Luckily, he’s been pretty good with the killdeer, so the promise of a walk got him distracted easily before anyone got an eye poked out (the dog has wicked-good command of the English language).

Unluckily, I’ve had to go near the killdeer’s spot on business a couple times since distressing her with the photo shoot yesterday morning, but I’ve circumvented her nest as much as possible and tried not to make eye contact. I don’t want her making good on that impalement threat.

She’s a vicious little pretty at: pam(at)