A power pole damaged by high winds leans precariously against braces east of Havre May 5.

Or should I say: Photo AP.

Because, how cool am I now that I’m totally like a professional photographer. Not really professional, but I am upgraded to like a professional.

I felt guilty that I didn’t drive back and get a picture of the traffic backed up for that power line down across Highway 2 on Tuesday, so the next morning I deliberately took my camera in case I saw some newsworthy destruction. Or clean up, whatever.

When I saw this pole leaning, I pulled over along the highway and snagged a quick couple of photos.

The editor used one that looks dang near identical to this one on the front page. Then the photo was picked up by The Associated Press and that means it was used in another newspaper (probably).

I’d just like to take a moment to thank the AP for this honor and, of course, the wind and the pole for making this all possible. Really, if the wind hadn’t, like, worked the hell out of its performance for three days straight, this wouldn’t be possible. Nothing blows quite like the wind. And the pole, ohmigawd, I can’t say enough about about the pole, if it hadn’t stayed strong, solid like a tree, and really nailed this leaning, straining thing, I would be nothing right now. Just a simple typesetter wallowing in a pool of anonymity. Thank you! I’m so wired right now — Oh! the wires! Please, stop the music! I just have to say the wires were awesome. They really stretched for this magnificent performance. I love you! Thank you!

Work it, baby, lean it. Let me see tilty, that’s right, tilty at: pam(at)viewfromthenorth40.com