Maybe this summer I’ll get lucky … I said, then thought, how close to dead am I that “get lucky” means that I might get photos of baby killdeer. I’m not even a bird watcher jonesing for photographic evidence of a rare feathered friend to gain fame in the birder world.

I’m just simple folk, in love with the White Trash Estate and all its flora and fauna.

killdeer adult
stunning killdeer specimen, working the moves

This killdeer and its mate are nesting near the horse’s water trough, so I see it, or one of them, every day.

The males and females are marked the same. so who knows at any given time which one of them is on watch, rattin’ me out with its high-pitched whistling.

Their babies look like puffballs on shishkabob sticks.

Oooh, look at me. Ima broke down and busted birdie.

The second photo is of the killdeer pretending to be injured.

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