When you’re doing hard physical labor that tends to put a physical strain on your physical person, stretching makes you feel better and sleep much better. I’m not bragging, just saying. I feel rested today.

On other, widely varying notes:

I was saddened to sit at my computer and read via my wireless Internet connection that one of the last true Luddites in the world has died.

IdahoStatesman.com reports that Richard Zimmerman, aka, “Salmon River Caveman” and “Dugout Dick,” who lived in a home he’d integrated into caves along the Salmon River in Idaho, died of natural causes at 94.

I couldn’t live like he did without electricity and indoor plumbing, but I admire him for doing so and hope that somewhere in the U.S., someone — not affiliated with a whacko, end of world, living on the fringe, biggotry-inspired splinter group — will follow in Mr. Zimmerman’s footsteps.

Like the homeless-by-choice people, he chose to live outside of societal norms, but unlike them, he carved a home out of the wilds, testing his resourcefulness and his pride of place. Rest in peace, man.

And lest you think I’ve gone all sentimental and soft, I give you “Pitates of the Caribbean 4: “On Stranger Tides,” and its creators’ insistence on recapturing a look that is au naturel, ah, natural. In the long line of auditioning requirements, which include height, clothing size and age, for female extras in the movie, they are requiring that women “must have real breasts.”

The women must pass a standard Hollywood practicum that will most likely involve jogging to ensure that the women have floppage appropriate to the natural size of their native breasts. I infer from the wordage that implants don’t jiggle. Creepy.

The things one learns when one lives long enough.

And I applaud the creators and Disney for the “go-organic” approach to this theatrical endeavor, which they fully expect to gross millions, making their own floppy bosoms heave with greed.

I love it.

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