I don't know what they are, but they make me feel beautiful.

I don't know what they are, but they make me feel beautiful.

How brilliant do I feel right now? Look at my gorgeous flowers … that I stole.

I would have flowers and magnificent trees and a beautiful yard and a jungle of greenery in the house, but I suck at plant stuffs.

Seriously, I can’t make the good ones live, and I can’t make the bad ones die. I water and fertilize (or forget to for extended periods of time, my bad), and my lovely plants die. I spray herbicides, and my weeds green up and flourish.

I don’t get it. I don’t get plants. They don’t interact with me on a level that I am cognizant of. A horse will walk over to me and bump me with its head, it’ll blow snot on me or step on my foot. I get that.

I do something to the horse, and it responds. I. Get. That.

A plant droops or ekes out a bud over the course of several days. I do something to it now, and the effects don’t show up for days or even years. Who has the attention span for something that subtle (aka, friggin’ slow).

That said though, I long for green plants and bright flowers. I’ve learned through the years to get plants suited to my type of care … or neglect as it has been called by some.

Ironically, I had an aloe vera plant some years ago, and it thrived under my lack of care. When I turned 40 I went through a freakish obsession with growing things, not uncommon for women during that milestone year (OMG, I’m a stereotype!). I started planting things, watering them. They grew. I had a delightful herb garden. I killed my giant aloe plant deader than a rock, though it was slimy, with all the watery attention I lavished on it. I’ve been guilt-ridden since then.

Yet I persevere.

Last year, my father-in-law dug up some plants left behind in their garden here, and he took them to his new apartment complex. It dawned on me that the flowers had survived for two years without a lick of care. Nary a drop of well water nor an ounce of effort to till, prune or cover them.

I nabbed the remaining flowers and planted them next to my house. I dutifully watered them for a couple weeks to help them take root in their new home. Then promptly forgot all about them.

Until the other morning when John pointed out that I had a couple beautiful, purple blooms.

This is what they look like today. I feel awesome!! I have flowers!! And please note that the clover from seed I toss out along the side of the house is looking particularly lush this year.

I am, like, a wild, green-thumbed, mini-Mother Nature.

Now, if I only knew what kind of flowers those are at: pam(at)viewfromthenorth40.com