We have a photo of this glacier that is now gone, fini, kaput.

John was reading the article and realized that we have an old black and white photo of that glacier that we nabbed purchased in the days of yore when his mom had a nice secondhand/antique store. We didn’t know until now where it was located, or if it even had a name. Now we know both, posthumously.

Oh, sorrow, thy name is Shepard Glacier. You will live on only in photographic and digital imagery. And in memories and stories. And maybe in movies. And probably some artwork. But that’s it, other than the fauna that you feed. But then that’s it.

I have warring feelings about the issue. Not the global warming issue. The glacier identification issue. I’m excited to know more about the photo, but saddened that I got the information because the glacier is gone.

Reminds me of the time we were driving back home from Billings through the CM Russell National Wildlife Refuge, and I had added viewing capacity provided by new eyeglasses. I was ecstatic to see a 6×7 bull elk through the trees and brush, but that excitement felt a little awkward because the bull was actually dead. Not pretty. But I saw it first (!).

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