Earlier in the week I had a dream that I was driving on some very slick ice around a curve in the road. About the time I realized I was doing a good job of it while others weren’t, my vehicle changed from a car into a motorcycle, but I was dragging my feet across the ice like training-wheel support, so I was doing OK. Then I came to a stop at a red light and realized I had little one-year-old K-Pam straddling the seat in front of me, and I was now driving the motorcycle on the ice, one-handed, with a baby who was sans helmet, car seat, coat, etc. Auntie fail.

Here in the real world:

I got an email reminder from my mother who sent me paperwork to sign so I could have access to all her worldly secrets kept in a bank safety deposit box. Good stuff right? I buried the paperwork in an unidentifiable stack in the office and totally forgot about it. Daughter fail.

I skipped out on the meeting of a local writer’s group so I could work in the yard picking up rocks and burying a post. Writer fail.

It’s 9:30 p.m., and I don’t have clean socks for tomorrow. Personal hygiene fail.

Tomorrow is Friday. Technically, I cannot claim any credit for this fact because Friday comes around every seven days no matter what’s going on in my life. But I did survive the week.

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