And I’ll blog about me if I want to, blog about me if I want to, you would blog about me too if you happened to be me, too. Or something like that.

I posted another sample on my Write On page. Incidentally, the two samples there thus far are the ones with early votes for MNA 2011 — yes, I’m revisiting that old topic. I just thought, maybe, if I prepared ahead of time for next year, I wouldn’t have to go through the torture of reading all my stuff to separate the shinola from the dookey-doo.

Now, since there’s a distinct difference between having water run into the yard and having water run through the yard — and since I spent too much time this weekend with a shovel and spud bar chipping ice to herd the run-off through the yard — I’m taking my sore body away from the computer.

Hie thee to the new sample for more of me, me, me. Or you can go do some crunches and stretches in a show of solidarity with my condition.

Or we can skip the exercise and self-medicate with chocolate at: pam(at)