Now that I’m a day out from having to get my MNA entry prepped, the thing that’s bugging me most is the waiting, waiting, waiting four months for results.

I’m more into immediate gratification, prompt response to my efforts. You know, kick someone, they say ow. That prompt response to my efforts to provide stimuli is gratifying. It clearly makes sense. This is why we learn not to burn ourselves and that ice cream is delicious. Good or bad results, we want the immediate gratification of a prompt response.

Can you imagine if it took four months to learn that putting your hand on a hot stove hurts? That’s why people with sensitive stomachs have a hard time giving up spicy food — it takes at least two hours for the heartburn to kick in. Delayed response is ineffective, counterproductive and just plain mean.

Besides, this is the newspaper industry, you’d think they’d be more into promptness — we do deal with currently relevant information, spot news and late breaking headlines that still have to come out on deadline.

I guess I can spout some platitudes to get me by. Life goes on. Let the chips fall where they may. If you love something, submit it as a contest entry. If it comes back to you attached to a trophy, it’s your just reward. If it doesn’t, blame the judge’s lack of humor and poor mental faculties.

Wait, that’s how I responded last year at pam(at)