So I was about to start this entry about the things we each think symbolize luxury, like a massage every week and clean sheets on the bed every day. These are a few examples I was going to expound upon as a lead up to the fact that I’m sitting in the living room “watching” TV and working on John’s new netbook to create this entry. It seems decadent.

Or rather it did before I started randomly hitting weird keys — probably dropping my thumbs onto the touch pad — that transformed this post into a saved draft complete with new window, and when I recovered it I was somehow typing in all italics. Then I jumped from typing at the end of the text to typing in the middle of my first paragraph, so I had to fix that.

I amend my title to tell you that this is not luxury so much as flirting with disaster because this post may just publish to the net at any ridiculous and entirely inconvenient moment. Perhaps if I could learn to control my wayward thumbs which drop onto the touch pad at the most inconvenient moments this wouldn’t be quite so disastrous, but I doubt that will happen. I’ve been down this small computer road before.

John and I also have this discussion on occasion: how handy is a small laptop? John loves them because he can type faster one-handed on the smaller ones which have small keyboards easily spanned with one hand. I have some trouble because I have to crank my hands in together so much to type. Not easy for someone with a broad ribcage, zero flexibility and hands with all the delicacy of a farm peasant built for hard labor.

This is not the entry I had envisioned, but it does have a nifty chaos tally: 1 jump to draft status, 1 random italics mode, 8 9 11 random cursor jumps, 1 3 random deletions of a block of text, 1 cramped neck, 2 deeper brow furrows from squinting at the screen and now add 1 random jump to another text box. (Additionally, for some reason I have a different font at the start of the article and then it switches back to the normal font. WTF?)

Where is my partridge in the pear tree at: pam@viewfromthenorth40(dot)com