The update on the use of tranche in the paper this week is best said with the messages I received from The Little Girl:

“Mission accomplished!”

“Actually, mission sabotaged.”

So tragic. Poor thing was so proud of herself for using the new word in her article, but the brand new addition to her written vocabulary got pruned and left to wither and die on the editorial department floor. While I feel appropriately sad for The Little Girl’s efforts having gone unappreciated, I can’t help but think of this: I got to write that entire column on moose poop incense and not word was altered, not even the ones that were obvious substitutes for “poop.”

Newspaper writing lessons learned:

  1. Use of big or otherwise obscure words — no.
  2. Use of crass words — yes.
  3. Existence of God of Editing — yes; with twisted priorities — definitely;

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