it wouldn’t be found on this blog site.

Hello. What? Hello? Can you read me now?

I have no talent for technology, and I don’t know why my posted entry feed thingy isn’t automatically forwarding to The Brunette. Woe is me. How will I ever take over the blogoshere if I can’t automate?

I tried to read up on it, but all the words sounded like Charlie Brown adults in my head, wah wah wa-wah wah-wa, and I fell asleep. Doomed.

Hey, let’s backtrack to the second line of this entry because it reminded me of something besides stupid technology.

The phone rang yesterday, and as I said hello I heard the caller pushing more buttons. I stayed on the phone saying hello, who is it, hello, can you hear me, hello .. . Nothing but light breathing, then some slight sounds, and then a small child talking. Not what I expected. We had a long ol’ conversation about the world.

From what I could decipher from the toddler-speak, I think she was looking for Debbie though didn’t seem inclined to end the conversation after discovering I was, in fact, not Debbie. Then an adult made noises in the background and our fun was disconnected.

Adults are rude like that.

Anyhow, if you see Debbie, tell her Small Child called. I took a message, but didn’t get a call back number.

Small Child said, dafoob mahn ihg fnn dah at pam(at)viewfromthenorth40(dot)com