So all of a sudden we have winter again, complete with multiple power outages. Huh? But, but, but, I’m still caught with my pants down! No one sent me a memo that we were going to have winter this year. And who would’ve thunk it would last, like, months.

  • Coleman fuel on the front door step — Coleman lantern sitting empty in the house.
  • Candles in the cupboard — now, where was it that I moved the holders when I mucked through the recesses in the house last time … ?
  • Second sleeping bag for zipping together extra, emergency bedding insulation … in the camper — high winds and snow between me and thee.
  • Battery operated radio — donated by my generous husband to Salvation Army. Radio? We don’t need no stinkin’ radio.
  • Oil lantern — Oh, hey, we got that right! It’s half full of oil — Oh, hey, but the wick hangs only one-third of the way into the reservoir. Guess it was half empty after all.

And I’m fully empty-headed at: